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Living in Tartu

Tartu delightfully combines history with future and city life with nature. It is the oldest city in Estonia, known for nearly 1000 years. In the last 370 years it has also housed Estonia’s first and largest university. Yet the people look more into future – 19 000 students strive for higher education. Altogether, learning or teaching is the main activity for 46 000 inhabitants – almost half of Tartu’s population. Such steady supply of smart young people looking for chance to use their skills make Tartu the ideal place for setting up new innovative enterprises needing intelligent workforce.

While offering full range of urban amenities, like several theatres and nightclubs, along with well-functioning infrastructure of telecommunication and streets, its large proportion of parks and greenlands keep the air clean and stress free. Taking the best of both worlds could be what makes local people so friendly and relaxed.

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