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11.05.2017 Space Hackathon Estonia
On May 22-23 Tartu Sciencepark and ESA Technology Transfer Program Office welcome space entrepreneurs, startups and interested individuals to hack and re-use space technology to build new useful technologies (on earth).
01.06.2016 Tartu Science Park is partner in the NICHE project “Building innovative food value chains in regions”
09.05.2016 Come and join the first Estonian Smart City conference and showcase on June 1st 2016 in Tartu
06.10.2015 Open Doors Day in Tartu Science Park
We were honored to host visitors on Open Door Day, which took place in the context of entrepreneurship week on October 6.
About Science Park and that what we are doing here, were told by Vaido Mikheim. Also got word Aleksander Tõnnisson from Buildit Accelerator and Martin Kikas from Tartu Regional Energy Agency.
24.09.2015 Buildit Accelerator's 4th batch opening party
On the 22 September Buildit Accelerators celebrated the start of the programme for Buildit’s fourth batch.
18.08.2015 Buildit alumni Solu raises 1,3M
Solu raised their seed round as we try to make our best guesses as to what it is that they do and why they are in stealth mode.
31.03.2015 Baltic Dynamics 2015 in Lithuania
We are pleased to invite you to participate in 20th Annual Baltic Dynamics 2015 conference that will be hosted by a member of Baltic Association of Science Parks and Innovation Centres (BASTIC) - Kaunas Science and Technology Park - on 27-29 May, 2015 in Santaka Valley in Kaunas (Lithuania).
14.10.2014 Of regional innovation strategies and cooperation in rural areas
On a beautiful autumn evening on September 17th representatives from education, innovation and regional development fields gathered to Tartu City town hall (pictured below) to listen of the experience of two internationally recognized regional innovation strategy (RIS) experts.
18.09.2014 Baltic Dynamics 2014 - Where is the Future? (September 17-19 in Tartu, Estonia)
Join us in Tartu in September 17-19 for the discussions at the historical innovation event in the Baltics - the Baltic Dynamics 2014.
31.07.2014 SummerCamp4Startups at Nelijärve in Estonia
Notorious Estonian startups will open their pandoras box to Startups SummerCamp participants in August 14-15 at Nelijärve Resort..
09.07.2014 Siliconrus.com covers Buildit Accelerator
Recently, the guys at siliconrus.com contacted us and compiled an article focusing on the opportunities for Russian Hardware startups. Here is the article (in Russian).
18.06.2014 Inventures.eu covers Buildit teams
Apply to Buildit Hardware Accelerator. Also, read about the current Buildit teams, that have been promoted at inventures.
16.05.2014 BORDWIIS+ newsletter no 5
The project aims at creating the best environment for ICT innovation and business opportunities in regionally strategic sectors and building a role model for the European community.
14.02.2014 BORDWIIS+ newsletter no 4
The project aims at creating the best environment for ICT innovation and business opportunities in regionally strategic sectors and building a role model for the European community.
13.02.2014 Buildit opens doors to hardware startups
Apply for the Estonia-based accelerator by 25 February
28.01.2014 CCIC project and thematic group meeting in Tartu
CCIC project partners visited Tartu and Tartu Science Park during 2-day visit. We hosted 18 partners from 7 countries.
06.12.2013 Project Bordwiis+ newsletter
BORDWIIS+ tackles this challenge with wide range of activities - mapping regional status quo, comparing and learning from partners and sharing new knowledge with regional stakeholders or decision-makers.
21.11.2013 Project Baltic ICT newsletter
The overall objective of the project is to fostering the economic development in cooperating regions by better communication between the business and government by using modern ICT technologies
23.08.2013 Project GRISI PLUS newsletter
Project GRISI PLUS aims at improving the effectiveness and enriching economic development policies in rural areas by increasing the use of geographical information and geomatics tools (Information Society approaches and practices) to give decision-support tools to public key players and policymakers.
22.07.2013 South-Estonia attracts visitors to rural areas with yellow windows!
The “Living on the Edge” project tells the tale of one special place situated next to Russia and Latvia, a place on the edge of the European Union – a place still untouched by the urbanised and industrialised world.
15.07.2013 Tartu Science Park opens 40 offices around the world
The cluster organisation Tartu Science Park is one of the founders of a global collaboration called Business Roaming Agreement (BRA). The collaboration aims to make foreign markets more accessible to local enterprises and provide international enterprises a platform they can use when they want to establish themselves in the Tartu region.
27.02.2013 Asian Forum II: A New Look at Nordic-Chinese Business Relations
In co-operation with BENCH project partners, the Asian Forum II will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, March 7th 2013. The conference will be held at the Estonian Parliament Building, where inspiring and insightful speakers share their views on China and its rapidly evolving business environment.
20.02.2013 Estonian Visitret plans production in Korea
The Estonian start-up company Visitret Displays, developing novel electrophoretic displays, plans to set up an engineering facility in Korea and launch production there by the 2nd quarter of the next year.
12.02.2013 Come join us at Tech Chill Baltics in Riga!
Tartu Science Park is participating at Tech Chill Baltics in Riga. The conference is hosting a great lineup of speakers, VCs scouring the Baltics for more startup talent to invest in, interesting startup pitches and much more.
11.12.2012 Project GRISI PLUS newsletter
Project GRISI PLUS aims at improving the effectiveness and enriching economic development policies in rural areas by increasing the use of geographical information and geomatics tools (Information Society approaches and practices) to give decision-support tools to public key players and policymakers.
19.09.2012 3rd Baltic-China Annual Business Conference, 19.09.12 in Tartu
The 3rd Baltic-China Annual Business Conference will be held September 19th in Dorpat Conference Center, Tartu, Estonia. This year, the event is focusing on the Chinese investment and Baltic SMEs in China. Top speakers from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and China will bring most fresh insights of doing business with China to the conference. Meanwhile, participants will have opportunity to meet 10 top Chinese investors from North and East part of China, who may be interested in investing in your business.
18.09.2012 Project GRISI PLUS newsletter
Project GRISI PLUS aims at improving the effectiveness and enriching economic development policies in rural areas by increasing the use of geographical information and geomatics tools (Information Society approaches and practices) to give decision-support tools to public key players and policymakers.
27.08.2012 Research and development opportunity for industries
Science Link’s offer is relevant to all industries including: materials science and nanotechnology, energy, chemicals, life science and biotechnology, construction and engineering, agriculture and food science, and home and personal care.
The deadline for applications is October 10, 2012. Applications should be submitted on the project website www.science-link.eu.
20.06.2012 Innovation for Welfare project newsletter
Tartu Science Park is a partner in the INTERREG IVC Program project Innovation for Welfare (I4W), which aims to increase regional competitiveness through better use of innovative technologies especially among SME`s. Project takes place from October 1st 2008 until September 30th 2012.
21.05.2012 Challenges for innovative small companies tackled in SIB Net project Final Conference
SIB Net Final Conferene under the title „How to make small innovative businesses succesful“ took place in Tartu on May 17th, 2012. The conference presented the results achieved by SIB Net Project during the last 2 years and highlighted the main challenges Small Innovative Businesses are facing today in Estonia and Latvia.
11.04.2012 StartSmart! Roadmap2Global Markets 26th-27th of April
30.03.2012 Eight regions join hands in boosting regional ICT strategy
A new initiative, an Interreg IVC project BORDWIIS+ (Boosting Regional Development with ICT-Innovation-Strategies) was kick-started with its first meeting and seminar in Metz, France on March 20-21. The project aims at creating the best environment for ICT innovation and business opportunities in regionally strategic sectors and building a role model for the European community.
28.03.2012 Guideline points out Smart Opportunities for the Life Sciences and Food Sectors
With the emergence of molecular biology, point of care solutions and a growing demand for industrial testing, diagnostics is a dynamic field for which miniaturised smart systems can provide unique solutions to improve systems’ intelligence and autonomy. The European project COWIN, aiming at fostering commercial exploitation of EU-funded research results, now publicates a new “Report and guideline to optimise smart systems into the diagnostics and food markets”.
20.03.2012 Visiting Friends in Turku, Finland: Turku ICT Week, May 14-16, 2012
Tartu Science Park will visit co-operation partners in Turku Science Park in Finland during the ICT Week in May 14-16, 2012. Several Estonian companies will take part of the delegation. Co-operation opporunities will be discussed between science parks and joint brokerage event will be held for the companies. Additionally, there will be a conference on agile software development - Turku Agile Day 2012.
15.02.2012 Semi-Final of New Europe Venture Contest in Swissôtel Tallinn
Warsaw Stock Exchange and New Europe Events invite entrepreneurs from Estonia interested in raising capital to participate in New Europe Venture Contest Semi-Final on February 15, 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia.
09.01.2012 Estonian start-up scene praised in The Economist
Renowned weekly magazine The Economist commends entrepreneurial climate in Estonia and brings two active start-up companies in Tartu Science Park, Click&Grow and Sportlyzer, as good examples.
03.01.2012 BENCH project newsletters - China co-operation
BENCH project has been successfully ongoing for almost two years. Read from the newsletters, what we have been up to.
23.12.2011 Merry Christmas!
Dear friends home and abroad! We wish you a relaxing holiday season and all the best for the year 2012!
16.12.2011 15 best cluster practices e-book now available
Pooling4Clusters project introduces the “15 Good Practices e-booklet”, which is now available for downloading on the project’s website. Project aims at developing a platform of best practices with focus on the links between development agencies and cluster initiatives in Europe.
21.10.2011 Step into the future leading smart technologies for biological applications
Tartu Biotechnology Park participates COWIN project reinforcing its activities in the field of smart technologies for diagnostic and medical applications. This project, supported by the European Commission has been launched for 3 years and is dedicated to facilitate access to advanced technologies developed in the course of FP6 and FP7 European research projects.
11.10.2011 Baltic-China Annual Business Conference in Tartu, Estonia
Baltic-China Annual Business Conference (BCABC), held in Tartu 11.10.11, is a leading EU-China (non governmental, non-profit) business event in the Baltic States. It is the best platform for gaining practical knowledge and expanding business networks for doing business with/in China.

This year, BCABC is expecting 150 participants from governments, enterprises, universities and other organizations. The conference is free of charge.
19.09.2011 Science Park delegation at ScanBalt Forum 2011
Tartu Science Park will participate at the matchmaking event organised in Usedom, Germany during the ScanBalt Forum 2011. The delegation consists of two Estonian Biotech companies and Tallinn Technical University. The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Match-Making Event will be held during the Forum on September 23rd, 2011 from 9:00 -12:00.
08.09.2011 16th Baltic Dynamics gathered innovation experts from all over Europe
On September 5-6th „Baltic Dynamics 2011“, an international conference on innovation, took place in Tallinn, Estonia. Conference theme was "Cross-Regional Initiatives for Business Innovation". More than 200 participants from 33 countries were attending, including many leaders and experts from internationally acknowledged organizations giving a presentation about hot topics inside creative industries, internationalization, incubation and venture capital.
30.08.2011 Linking Health Technology across Europe conference and matchmaking approaching
A pan-European health technology conference and matchmaking will take place on October 6th in Linz, Austria. During the matchmaking, all participants have the opportunity to meet with I4W subprojects developing different innovative health applications and to discuss possibilities for cooperation or commercialization. Conference is co-organized by Interreg IVC project Innovation for Welfare.
28.08.2011 Autumn round of business idea competition „Tiger 2011“ starts now!
Right time to start developing your business ideas has arrived. Autumn round of business idea competition „Tiger 2011“ starts on August 28th and awaits promising, smart, inspiring and technological ideas with market potential until end of September.
26.08.2011 Tartu Science Park delegation studied Finnish start-up landscape
Delegation from Tartu Science Park took part of a study visit to three cities in Finland: Turku, Helsinki and Hämeenlinna. Aim of the visit was to get to know situation in finnish start-up landscape and meet key players in that field. During the visit meetings were held with different universities, science parks, incubators, business accelerators and other business development organizations.
17.08.2011 Garage48 is almost here! 26 - 28. August in Tartu
The main idea of the Garage48 is to build startup community in Estonia, Baltics and Nordics, find new friends and meet people, build something cool in 48 hours. Garage48 in Tartu has a mobile focus and has already some supportes from major names in business such as Nokia, Estonian Air and Elion.
18.07.2011 Registrate to Baltic Dynamics 2011!
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol in cooperation with Business Support and Credit Management Foundation and IASP proudly present Baltic Dynamics 2011 conference in Tallinn, Estonia on September 4-6, 2011. Registration to the conference is still opened.
Don't miss out on opportunity to listen great speakers and catch the latest news in Baltic innovation and start-up scene.
15.07.2011 BENCH - first year review
The BENCH project, cooperation between seven partners in three countries, has now been running for a little more than a year. In this year, many interesting meetings have taken place, contacts have been established and ideas for new networks and business relations are forming.
01.07.2011 IASP World Conference 2012 will be held in Tallinn
Next years world conference of International Association of Science and Technology Parks will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia from 17th to 20th of June.
29.06.2011 Baltic Innovation Policy Seminar
Tartu Science Park and Tartu City Government representatives were present at the Baltic Innovation Policy Seminar in Brussels 16 June 2011 to be part of the discussion on the current challenges and the future of innovation policy in the Baltic Sea region.
In the event, the Baltic Innovation Policy Memorandum was introduced.
17.06.2011 Field tests to implement good cluster services will start in autumn
Tartu Science Park is preparing for field tests starting in autumn to implement well developed cluster services from Europe in Estonia. Services have been identified in the framework of Interreg IVC project Pooling4Clusters and will focus on strengthening cooperation between universities/research centres and companies and training cluster managers/members.
14.06.2011 The Travelling Salesman visited Tartu
On Sunday, 12th of June, The Travelling Salesman visited Tartu. About the visit and thoughts regarding to the meeting, you can read on their blog.
31.05.2011 SIB Net IDEA CONTEST: Grand finale and award ceremony at Ventspils University College
Since February of this year, Tartu Science Park in co-operation with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Riga Planning Region, Ventspils University College, Ventspils High Technology Park and the Institute for Baltic Studies (Tartu) have organized a cross border CONTEST OF INNOVATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS. The contest was organized within the EU-supported project 'Small Innovative Business support network' (SIBnet). Almost 100 innovators, scientists, and technology experts as well as other generators of business ideas participated in the contest and many interesting ideas were entered.
06.05.2011 Innovation for Welfare at the World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition
I4W is a project in which six European regions share, exchange and implement good practices in the field of welfare. Partners from Catalonia (Spain) and Tartu (Estonia) with ROBO MD and FITREHAB subproject participants will demonstrate different solutions to health innovation issues, including video of the developed home care robot prototype. World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition 2011 takes place in Budapest, Hungary on May 10-12th.
22.03.2011 Sportlyzer is now open to everyone as a public beta
Sportlyzer launched a virtual trainer that focuses on training advice – a required supplement to numerous exercise tracking applications and devices. Sportlyzer is providing a virtual trainer that uses complex algorithms to compose and modify workout plans and give training advice based on a user’s previous workouts and current training schedule. Just as well as a real trainer. This major step is the result of months of hard work and development – yet it is just the beginning of the next generation virtual trainer.
16.02.2011 Tartu Science park will open Demo Centre for mobile solutions
Next year Tartu Science park will open a Demo Centre for mobile solutions where entrepreneurs, developers and everyone else can see and touch clever mobile services, tools made in Estonia.
14.02.2011 Happy Valentine's Day!
Dear friends and partners! Happy Valentine's Day!
25.01.2011 Registration is open! Garage48 for Public services, 25 - 27. February 2011
Garage48 is a boot-camp style initiative to build new services in just 48 hours. Garage48 started in Estonia and is now expanding to European and African countries.

Garage48 starts on 5pm Friday evening with presenting ideas, includes a hard-working weekend to build the products and peaks with product demonstration at 6pm Sunday evening. Less talk, more action!
21.01.2011 Business idea competition "Tiger 2011" launched!
Our beloved Tiger has returned! Last year’s popular business idea competition "Tiger 2010“ returns this year with a sequel „Tiger 2011“. Campaign seeking this year’s entrepreneurial tigers starts on January 21st and awaits new inspiring business ideas containing clever & creative technological solutions until end of February.
13.01.2011 Cluster conference in Tallinn
On March 30-31, 2011 an inspiring cluster conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. TCI European regional conference will focus on how to improve the cluster policies both on European, national and regional level and how to achieve excellence in cluster management.
04.01.2011 Wibbit wants to make prices and shopping carts comparable
Wibbit, a start-up operating in Tartu Science Park with origins in Playtech, is getting ready to come to market with a multifunctional food and staple goods price comparison and shopping website.
03.01.2011 Sportlyzer invites sports aficionados to participate in a study showing how smart Mike Lyzer is
Sportlyzer, a startup that unites virtual sports trainer software and social networking, plans to conduct a study starting in January 2011 involving dozens of amateur endurance athletes.
03.01.2011 News section now open!
For our English-spoken friends from now on news will be available on Tartu Science Park's English webpage. You are welcome!