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Autumn round of business idea competition „Tiger 2011“ starts now!

In nature, tigers sleep 16-20 hours per day. This fact is actually not true - tigers do not sleep, they just wait for the right moment.

Right time to start developing your business ideas has arrived. Autumn round of business idea competition „Tiger 2011" starts on August 28th and awaits promising, smart, inspiring and technological ideas with market potential until end of September.

Autumn round features special awards for the ideas in following fields:

1.      Mobile application and location positioning service ideas: special prize 1000 EUR!

2.      Nanotechnology and material science ideas: special prize 1000 EUR!

All contestants receive:

  • Testing and feedback on your business idea - let's see together, if this idea has potential to succeed in the market?
  • Possibility to find additional members for your team - list your strengths and describe who is still missing from your team to make it perfect.
  • Participation in seminar "From business idea to business model" in October during Entrepreneurship Week, PLUS, for those successfully graduating the seminar, a possibility to participate in business model presentation master class and in SIB Net investor forum in November 2011.

Best teams will be offered FREE service contract with Tartu Science Park, including:

  • Consultations and mentoring to compile your business model and business plan.
  • Account in iPlanner - web-based environment for business plans.
  • Possibility to use seminar/meeting rooms in Tartu Science Park.
  • Secretary services and company mailbox.
  • Opportunity to participate in all events organized by Tartu Science Park and benefit from the synergy with other companies.

Click&Grow, contestant of last years' "Tiger 2010" competition, later won national business competition „Ajujaht" ("Brainhunt") and is already on the market. In this year "Hummingbird" participated spring session of the "Tiger 2011" and also won international Estonian-Latvian business idea competition.

Would you like to be next?

Submit your idea here! Let's make successful company out of a good idea!

More information:

Vaido Mikheim
Project Manager
+372 7 428 725

"Tiger 2011" is organized by Tartu Science Park and supported by: Tartu Mobile and Location Based Services Cluster (mCluster), Maico Metrics Ltd. and SIB Net project within Estonia-Latvia Programme. Campaign period is from 28.08. until 30.09.2011. Winners will be selected after participation in seminar "From business idea to business model" on October 7th, 2011 in Tartu. Tartu Science Park will assemble expert panel to evaluate ideas and select the winner. Winner will be declared and contacted in October 2011. The organizer reserves the right to withhold the prize in case ideas submitted in respective technology field do not qualify.

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