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15 best cluster practices e-book now available

Pooling4Clusters project introduces the “15 Good Practices e-booklet”, which is now available for downloading on the project’s website. Project aims at developing a platform of best practices with focus on the links between development agencies and cluster initiatives in Europe.

The Good Practices e-booklet is deemed to become an important guide/manual for Europe's policy makers on clusters and innovation. It provides useful information for optimising the repartition of means between organisations and for the improvement of performance of regional cluster and competitiveness poles in terms of developing collective added-value in firms and in their sustainability. It is important to note that this booklet consists the predecessor of the projects conclusive outcome, expected to be available in December 2012, which will include nine tested best practices, constituting the "Best shared services for regional cluster initiative needs" catalogue.

Selected Services

Further to the evaluation process, which took place during the period January - June 2011, the "Good Practices Catalogue" came out, that contains services, which provide to clusters' companies:

  • education and training ("Trainings - providing managerial and technical training"),
  • expansion ("Permanent industrial and commercial offices", "Co-Location", "Scientific Group Intermediation", "Help desk", "Competence centers for projects - attract new firms and talent to region", "Deal for growth- Contrat de croissance"),
  • research and networking ("Web site", "European Networking", "Mentorship program", "Information Desk for funding and financing"),
  • commercial cooperation (Collective Booth),
  • innovation and technology ("Business Intelligence", "Project oriented funding") and
  • policy actions ("Cluster Development Programme").

The above mentioned services are the ones included in the e-booklet and are presently under testing by all partners in their regions.

Estonian field tests focus on identifying knowledge deficite and future plans of clusters, but also strengthening connections between R&D and industry with the help of LivingLabs concept. Activities will be finalized during the first half of 2012.

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