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Visiting Friends in Turku, Finland: Turku ICT Week, May 14-16, 2012

Tartu Science Park will visit co-operation partners in Turku Science Park in Finland during the ICT Week in May 14-16, 2012. Several Estonian companies will take part of the delegation. Co-operation opporunities will be discussed between science parks and joint brokerage event will be held for the companies. Additionally, there will be a conference on agile software development - Turku Agile Day 2012.

All interested companies are welcome to participate. For further information check below and/or contact:

Henri Hanson
Project Manager
GSM: +372 5068538
E-mail: henri.hanson@sciencepark.ee

Programmes of the events in Turku, Finland:

(no participation fee)
Monday 14th May 2012, Mauno Koivisto Centre, Turku, Finland

11-12 Registration and Networking Lunch (lobby)
12-14 Launch Seminar (big auditorium)
14-14.30 Networking Coffee (lobby)
14.30- Why use Agile? Workshop (small auditorium)

14.30- B2B Partnering Meetings, 30 min./meeting (conference room)
18.00 Evening programme


TURKU AGILE DAY (participation fees available here: http://turkuagileday.fi/register/)
Tue-Wed May 15th - 16th 2012

Department of Information Technology and IT student clubs Digit and Asteriski from University of Turku proudly welcome You to Turku Agile Day '012 conference, the coziest software conference ever arranged in Turku! The conference is held on May 15th - 16th 2012 at ICT-building, Turku.

During the conference you will find out what is the hottest hot in the agile software development world right now. The conference starts with hands-on tutorials and workshops on Tuesday, while the pragmatic presentations on Wednesday reveal how the big players use agile methods and how you can adapt the methods in your own projects. There's something for both agile experts and agile newcomers. The conference also provides an excellent networking opportunity by means of the legendary conference dinner.

More information will be published soon at the conference web site: http://www.turkuagileday.fi


Agile software development has been one of the top topics in software industry lately. The development methodology has raised from the realization that waterfall-like project management methodologies do not reflect to the real world requirements fast enough. Thus, one main concerns of agile software development is to be adaptable - no software project should fear change, since change is inevitable. Instead, agile methodologies aim to tackle the changing requirements by releasing early and often and demonstrating the process to the customer. Getting feedback from the customers is crucial for the success of the project.

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