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Tartu Science Park opens 40 offices around the world

The cluster organisation Tartu Science Park is one of the founders of a global collaboration called Business Roaming Agreement (BRA). The collaboration aims to make foreign markets more accessible to local enterprises and provide international enterprises a platform they can use when they want to establish themselves in the Tartu region.

Through a long collaboration between Tartu Science Park and Cluster 55° in the south of Sweden and a numerous of international stakeholders, this unique support to enterprises, in their internationalisation processes are now being launched.

During the following weeks many organisations will sign BRA and be part of an international network of venues for innovation. This means that member companies of Tartu Science Park will get access to events, meeting places and offices around the world such as Munich, London and Hong Kong.

The agreement is built on mutual understanding and all partners facilitate for visiting enterprises and make their entry to new markets smoother. A crucial part is that the hosting organisation assists with knowledge about local business culture, something that is proven to be of high importance when conducting business internationally.

"The logic is simple and is based on traditional solidarity and trust", says Philip Stankovski Cluster 55°.

This is to be seen as one piece of the work that the various actors in the region together help to create. The model is created to quickly access local contacts for companies, without creating a costly administrative process.

"High costs are associated with having different organisation develop their own network around the world. It is easier to share the ones you already have", says Philip Stankovski Cluster 55°.

For more information:

Seren Eilmann

 Board Member, Tartu Science Park

+372 747 5455



Philip Stankovski

Head of International Relations, LU Open / Cluster 55 ˚, Lund University




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