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South-Estonia attracts visitors to rural areas with yellow windows!

The “Living on the Edge” project tells the tale of one special place situated next to Russia and Latvia, a place on the edge of the European Union – a place still untouched by the urbanised and industrialised world.

Did the picture catched your interest? Six counties and numerous organizations in South-Estonia hope so!

On June 20th representatives from Tartu Rural Development Association, National Geographic Estonia and Tartu City Government had the pleasure to open a yellow window in Tartu city. But it was far more then simply opening ceremony for one single object. With it organizing team invites you to undertake a journey to discover beautiful landmarks and remarkable nature of South-Estonia.

Each location has its own stories to tell, its own cultural and historical heritage. These locations were chosen from a pool of many more and according to the words of Kristiina Liimand, Head of Tartu Rural Development Association, it was one of the hardest task to make a selection of only 21 final locations.

However the whole organizing team believes that these windows will be only a beginning of a much longer road of discoveries which will enliven and enrichen rural areas in South-Estonia. Yellow windows are supported by one of the key partners in this undertaking, National Geographic,  who in this very year celebrates its 125th anniversary of explorations.

The project itself is called in english „Living on the edge" or perhaps even better would be direct translation from estonian „Life on the border of two worlds". Whether these worlds are nature vs civilizied, rural vs urban, geographical borders or something else, let that be decided by each and every visitor him-/herself.

More information http://visitsouthestonia.com/en/



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