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CCIC project and thematic group meeting in Tartu

CCIC project partners visited Tartu and Tartu Science Park during 2-day visit. We hosted 18 partners from 7 countries.

On the first day we had Steering Committee meeting, where we mainly discussed budget issues and deep delegation timeframe. We also presented our template for practice transfer because we have already started with the process. We have conducted Tartu Regional and South-Estonia focal sector analysis and are in the middle of the strategy building process. We have chosen Eindhovens’ good practice called Brainport Foundation which is a triple helix bottom-up smart specialisation strategy which focuses on entrepreneurial discovery process. We hope our filled in template can be an example or at least a starting point for other partners.

At the end of the day every partner had to choose which practice are they most interested in and discuss the deep delegation dates with hosting partner. To our surprise there was 4 partners interested in Tartu practices: Lazio, Sofia, Aberdeen and Genoa. The practices that interested these partners were e-procurement system and Tartu Regional Innovation Strategy (TRIS).

On the second day we held the fourth thematic group meeting on civil society inclusion. Our representative was Kristiina Liimand who presented Finding Innovation practice under Leader programme.

The next steps regarding the meetings are deep delegation visits. We are expecting our dear colleagues from the project to visit us during May this year.


The CCIC project main objective is to improve regional innovation policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and increasing collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders.

Karl Viiol
Project manager
e-mail: karl@sciencepark.ee
phone: +372 7302635 






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