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SummerCamp4Startups at Nelijärve in Estonia

Notorious Estonian startups will open their pandoras box to Startups SummerCamp participants in August 14-15 at Nelijärve Resort

You get more fun from the event if you are:

  • Working on your own startup.
  • Dreaming of founding your own startup.
  • Want to network with entrepreneurial minded folks.
  • The one who wants to occupy a startup for a day.

Action Starts 10 am on 14th of August and ends by 1pm on 15th of august.

Price: 15.- eur, includes ownership for one successful startup for a day plus accommodation in Nellijärve Resort, food for the duration of stay and bus transportation (Tallinn - Nelijärve - Tallinn), if needed.

Keep an eye on start-smart.me/SummerCamp4Startups and Facebook.com/StartSmartMe.

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