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Project takes place from June 1st 2010 - June 30th 2013.


The overall objective with the BENCH project is to increase the trade with China as well as inward investments from China for the benefit of trade and industry in the Central Baltic region, and to better take advantage of the business support actors' established contacts with China. Together the regions in Finland, Sweden and Estonia have a lot more to offer than on their own when it comes to technology and expert knowledge as well as other useful skills interesting for China.

The project will focus on improving the business support actors' regional and cross-border cooperation concerning contacts with China for the benefit of trade and industry. An important task is to facilitate for SMEs to develop business relations with Chinese actors. In this the project primarily will focus on business contacts with the public sector in China as well as business to business; state owned, private or joint ventures.

The main activities of the project are focusing on:
- facilitating for SMEs in the region business opportunities in the Chinese market,
- increasing Chinese investments in the Central Baltic region and
- developing work methods on how the public sector can support trade and industry in the regions.


The project involves 9 partners from Estonia, Sweden and Finland.

1. County Administrative Board of Östergötland, Sweden - Lead Partner
2. Center for Environmental Technology, Sweden
3. Östsam Regional Development Council, Sweden
4. Linköping University, Sweden
5. Helsinki University of Technology Lahti Center, Finland
6. Lahti Regional Development Company LTd, Finland
7. Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonia
8. University of Tartu, Estonia
9. Tartu Science Park, Estonia

Additional information:

Henri Hanson
Project Manager
E-mail: henri.hanson@sciencepark.ee
Tel: +372 7381 027