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Project name: Boosting Regional Development with ICT-Innovation-Stratagies

Project acronym: BORDWIIS+

Overall objective of the project is to provide European Regions with the necessary know-how that enables them to initiate and carry out a smart specialization process concerning the most relevant domains of ICT-based innovation

Project sub-objectives

  • Safeguard and advance successful ICT innovation stratagies
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge between the regions
  • Make the knowledge gained in the project useful for regions all over Europe

Project duration and budget

Project duration is 2,5 years starting from 1.01.2012

Project overall budget is 1,2 MEUR (incl ERDF co-financing 0,9 MEUR)


In BORDWIIS+ project there are 10 partners from 8 countries.

  • Regional Development Agency of Asturias, Spain (Leading partner)
  • CTIC-Information and Communication Technology Centre, Spain
  • Regional Council of Lorraine, France
  • National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, France
  • Region of Tuscany, Italy
  • Tartu Science Park, Estonia
  • IFKA Public Foundation for the Development of Industry, Hungary
  • South-East Regional Development Agency, Romania
  • University of Wuppertal, Denmark
  • Lund University, Sweden

Project manager in Science Park is Seren Eilmann, phone: +372 747 5455, e-mail:seren.eilmann@teaduspark.ee