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BSR InnoReg


BSR InnoReg - Strengthening Innovation Governance in Baltic Non-metropolitan Regions


The Baltic Sea region is recognized as an attractive and dynamic territorial cooperation area in Europe. The new EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region aims to support balanced economic development across the area. With increasing global economic challenges and uncertainty, all regions in the area must react quicker and address global and environmental challenges by innovating more to improve competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region as a whole.

Regions outside the metropolises in the Baltic Sea area are committed to enhance innovation development and governance. At the same time, they are facing major challenges in securing availability of skilled work force, developing bridges between education, science and economy and supporting the creation and reform of small and medium-sized enterprises.

BSR InnoReg project addresses these challenges and aims to reinforce innovation governance and support environments in the Baltic non-metropolitan regions.

BSR InnoReg activities

BSR InnoReg focuses on increasing effectiveness of regional innovation support activities by enhancing the strategic capacities of innovation and business development organizations. Local workshops and transnational training on selected themes, such as global networking and innovative financing tools, will be organised for the representatives of the business development organisations. The partner regions will also jointly develop and test new innovation support instruments targeting at user-driven and customer-oriented innovation, start-up financing and utilization of students in innovation processes.

The project brings together decision-makers of the involved partner regions to discuss and agree on a Memorandum of Understanding on efficient innovation policies. It will guide innovation support and economic development in the regions outside the metropolitan areas. The project partners will also create a handbook on practical innovation support instruments for the use of innovation facilitators across the Baltic Sea region.

BSR InnoReg contributes to the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. It will improve the capacities and international networks of decision-makers and business development organisations outside the metropolitan areas to provide strategic and efficient innovation support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Expected results

1. Memorandum of Understanding on Efficient Innovation Policies

The MoU will include information on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, identified strengths and shared key challenges of the BSR and policy recommendations. It will support the participating regions to elaborate their innovation policies according to the shared development view. 2. Handbook on practical innovation support instruments

Innovation support instruments will be developed jointly, tested and documented under three main action fields: 1) Innovative enterprises and networking; 2) Financing instruments and start-up support; 3) Creative culture development.

3. Networks and strategic capacities of key innovation facilitators

The project improves the capacities and international networks of decision-makers and innovation support organizations of the partner regions for identifying future challenges and managing of risks as well as for developing better innovation support services for enterprises.

Duration and budget

The project will be implemented during years 2009–2011 with co-financing by the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013. Project total budget is 2,3 million euros.

BSR InnoReg partners

BSR InnoReg project gathers 17 partners representing regional and local authorities as well as business development organisations such as technology centres.

1. The Baltic Institute of Finland (Lead Partner)
2. Council of Tampere Region (Finland)
3. Hermia Business Development Ltd. (Finland)
4. Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Finland)
5. Seinäjoki Technology Centre (Finland)
6. Tartu City Government (Estonia)
7. Tartu Science Park Foundation (Estonia)
8. State Regional Development Agency (Latvia)
9. Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
10. Latvian Technological Center (Latvia)
11. Project Management Centre at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
12. Technopolis (Lithuania)
13. Panevezys City Municipality (Lithuania)
14. Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (Poland)
15. ZAB - Brandenburg Economic Development Board (Germany)
16. Regional Planning Council Havelland-Fläming (Germany)
17. Innovation and Technology Center Bentwisch (Germany)
18. Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development at the University of Rostock (HIE-RO, Germany)

Associated partner

Administration of Leningrad Region (Russia)


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