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Protolab Network

The general goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the involved regions by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the industrial value chain of Mechatronics, based on a synergistic combination of the related industries: Precision Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Metal & Machinery, Apparatus Building etc.

The project aims at creating a strong cross-border integrated Network of Protolabs (Product Development, Training and Testing Centers) providing strategic and operational support to the development of the key industries mentioned above, helping to shift the industries´ focus from the traditional routes to more high tech and higher value added sectors.

The network will build on the distinctive strengths and common interests of each partner and region involved:

The partnership will help to remove current obstacles in innovation and development processes of local companies by providing them access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and know-how in different stages of product development (concept development, prototyping, material & product testing and analysis etc). It will also introduce a cross-border platform for networking and knowledge transfer, creating linkages to adjacent sectors and facilitating cooperation in the intersection points of all sectors involved.

During the project, workshops will be set up providing services as follows:

  • precision mechanics (Tartu Science Park)
  • prototyping and CAD/CAM (Ventspils University College)
  • electronics (Ogre Business and Innovation Incubator)

The services and additional specialized trainings will be available for:

  • entrepreneurs,
  • staff and students of higher and vocational education institutions of the relevant fields.

This will aid in developing future work-force with skills relevant to industries needs and help building contacts between academia and entrepreneurs.

Toomas Noorem
Managing Director
Tartu Science Park
Tel: +372 746 0512
E-mail: toomas.noorem@sciencepark.ee

Project „Protolab Network - Increasing Competitiveness of Estonian and Latvian Mechatronics sector through creation of Integrated Network of Product Development, Training and Testing Centres“ is financed by: