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Technology transfer

Tartu Science Park is a participant in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

EEN has more than 580 member organisations across Europe and beyond. The project has a daily updated technology database. An entrepreneur using our services can submit to the database their technology offer/request and gather information about international partnership offers.

Access to EEN database

In order to gain a better overview of the technologies available in the database, it is possible to search it.

The database provides companies and universities an opportunity to:

  • find international co-operation partners for developing, improving and marketing a novel product or technology;
  • co-operate with the most innovative organisations in Europe in order to solve a technological issue;
  • keep themselves updated with the most novel technologies in their field;
  • obtain international orders and fruitful co-operation offers for R&D.

In order to promote technology transfer, the EEN is also organising a number of brokerage events all over Europe. The calendar of these events can be browsed from here.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information:

Henri Hanson

e-mail henri.hanson@sciencepark.ee
phone: +372 7381 027.