New Garage Time OÜ

Sector: Information- and communication technologies (ICT).

Newtime (New Garage Time OÜ) 

Reg. no: 12180786
Address: Riia tn 181a, room 311

Mehis Pärn
Tel: +372 50 81 715+372 52 467 67
Skype: mehis.parn

Focus areas

Newtime main activity is different e-shops and software solutions planning, development and design.

Who we are

A bunch of enthusiasts who always want to experience something new. There is often "Garage" going on and something cool is happening at Saturday night. Restless mind constantly push us to learn and experience new things. And that makes us special! Although our young age in summary we have experience in design more than 7 years, in development for 4 years and in project management for 9 years. The birthplace of the team is Garage48 and a joint company was established in 2011th. You are always welcome at us, with ideas that rock your market or the whole world.