5D Vision OÜ

Sector: Information- and communication technologies (ICT).

5D Vision OÜ

Reg.no: 10606206  
Address: Tartu Science Park, Riia 181c, III floor 
51014 Tartu 
Faks: 738 3041
e-mail: info@5dvision.ee
Homepage: www.5dvision.ee  

Kristjan Adojaan 
Tel: 503 9306
e-mail: kristjan.adojaan@5dvision.ee 
Field of operation
Web-based information systems, customized programming, maintenance and user support: customer service and reporting, visualization, business process management, educational software, web sites; data acquisition service eFormular.
Our main activities shortly

5D Vision established in 1999 based on Estonian private capital.

5D expresses our vision of 5 dimensional world where 3 are spatial dimensions as usual (X,Y,Z) and we will add  one for time and  another one for information related to time and space.

Vision declares we have our own vision of this 5D world and that right information in right place and time is the key factor that we are willing to offer to our customers and partners.