Sector: Other.

Kuubik Projekt OÜ
Reg. no.: 11441434
Address: Tartu Science, Riia 185A, room 308
51014 Tartu 
Preet Russak
Tel: 522 9046
Fax: 746 0519
Who we are and what we do?

Kuubik Projekt is licensed to offer services in construction, technical drawings, construction management and supervisory.

Since 2007 we are also licensed to renovate, make technical drawings and supervise objects under heritage protection.

Our main field of business is to perform engineering and consutruction works for objects with intermediate capacity and complexity (i.e. apartment buildings, office buildings, production facilities, agricultural structures) but we have also successfully worked on private houses and smaller buildings. 

We can also assist apartment cooperatives and private owners to acquire certificate of occupancy. We will do all the necessary measuring, analyses and represent you in the office of local government institution. 

You can always address us with all the questions concerning construction and technical drawings.