Metrosert AS

Sector: Other.

Ltd Metrosert

Address: Tartu Science Park, Teaduspargi 11 (previous Riia 181C), 51014 Tartu 
Tel: 730 2930
Faks: 730 2931

Armin Zoo
Head of the Laboratory 
Tel: 730 2934
Mob: 508 2621 

AS Metrosert is the Central Office of Metrology (equivalent to a National Metrology Institute) in Estonia. AS Metrosert performs the calibration and verification of measuring instruments, certification of products and management systems and provides training in metrology. The company also maintains and develops the national measurement standards.

Metrosert represents Estonia in EUROMET and has signed Mutual Recognition Arrangement CIPM MRA for national measurement standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes.

The company is the successor of the Chamber of Weights and Measures established in 1919.